BOYS (2014) Dutch

The Dutch film, “Jongens”, in English “Boys”, is a beautifully crafted coming of age film, that shows first love, and one’s coming to terms with their own sexuality. While not as tectonically or visually stunning as other coming of age films I reviewed; “Boyhood”, or the “Cold Lands”. I still highly recommend this film for the performances and the messages it bring with it; “love”, and “happiness”.

After viewing, I looked up on wikipedia and learned “Jongens” was originally produce for, and aired on a Dutch Children’s Television Station. The TV Movie performed so well, that it later played in Dutch theaters, then hit the festival market, where it was bought by international distributors. In a time in America were we are discriminating against people who love, with the quote, “Think about the children” –  when two preteen boys share a kiss on a basic cable family TV station, sparking headlines of praise from the left and criticism from the right – it’s nice and refurbishing to see a film made for adolescence, addressing these themes in a way that doesn’t condescend them. A film that is accepted by adult and young audiences alike, and not come under any scrutiny. The States has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of western society.


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