PREDESTINATION (2015) Australia

This is going to be difficult to review, with out giving away any of the plot, and the forever ending twists, it brings along with it. That being said my reviews are typically on style and how they help cary the narrative.

I read “All You Zombies”, the short story by Robert A. Heinlein, that Predestination is based on back in High School. So, I already had my own version in my head how an adaptation oughta be done. Writing/Directing team, the Spierig twins, were able to surpass my own imagination. The story which features time travel – originally written 1958, has the characters travel as far as the 1980s. Instead of having the film change time periods, or give it the look of “our” future the Spierig twins keep to Heinlein original concept for the “future”, that is different then our own, but is still very recognizable. Production Designer Matthew Putland takes elements from our past and mixes them with that, what would be seen in a “futuristic” episode of “The Twilight Zone”, giving it this Neo-Nore look. The pivotal bar scene, that takes place in the late 1970s, is dark, but is aesthetic, engaging the viewer, into the “story”. One thing that does stays true to it’s true period are the costumes. The costumes really set the tone for each period – not only for what time we are in, but also what the time our protagonist is in, at that stage of their life.

As for the performances, Ethan Hawke gives a brilliant performances – almost unrecognizable from last years “Boyhood” – changing his demeanor only with his eyes, at a moments notices, when as needed. Although the real prize has to be given to Sarah Snook, who is able to give us a wide range of emanations playing a complex character, though two different stages of their life, and everywhere in between.


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